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This painting will be in the next show, "Local Color" at the Mispillion Art League. It opens next Tuesday.

 photo 100_3165 copy_zpsbw4lqo8d.jpg
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These are the paintings of my talented students of the 2016 spring series of "Watercolor with Jean" class. As you can see we painted sea shells, abstracts and daffodils.

 photo IMG_4318_zpssx7r92pe.jpg

 photo IMG_4317_zpsxpcmcsci.jpg

 photo IMG_4319_zpsofcmikt7.jpg
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 photo DSCN0381_zps0pntjo7o.jpg
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Spring was alive with daffodils that we painting in my next watercolor class.

 photo IMG_4314_zpsycijmfnt.jpg
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It's already our fourth class of the season. Since it was spring yesterday, (it's snowing as I write this), I bought to class a bouquet of daffodils from the garden to paint.

After reviewing all that we covered so far, I introduced the idea of doing a wash background first. In order to do this, we had to do our drawings of the flowers on tissue paper. It would give us an idea where our lights and darks were when we paint the wash background. I did a quick demo on how to do this.

 photo DSCN0350_zps2w3liksh.jpg

After painting our backgrounds, we transferred our drawings to watercolor paper. That was as far as most everyone got, so I didn't take pictures. Next week we will finish our paintings.

I painted some daffodils at home and brought it to class to show what a finished painting would look like.

 photo DSCN0348_zpscnhd8qwr.jpg

By the time I finished this post, the snow stopped and the sun came out!

A few days later I painted some daffodils to the background I did in class.

 photo DSCN0353_zpsceiij8n7.jpg
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Our third class of our six week spring series of Watercolor with Jean was learning how to create textures and backgrounds to our paintings first and then incorporating a subject or subjects after the background dries. It's a lot of fun to mix our paints and textures for an almost abstract painting. Then look for pictures in the textures and making them come to life. We found flowers, butterflies, and shells.

I painted one at home and it evolved into another shell painting. I used this painting as an example of what you could create using this method.

 photo DSCN0344_zpsk0r7z1at.jpg

I did a demo in class to showed how to create our background and later added what I could visualize in the textures and colors. I showed them how to see and paint the flowers I saw there. I wasn't able to finish it in class, but they got the idea. I did finish it at home and will bring it to class next week.

 photo DSCN0347_zpszxew9cjx.jpg

They did have fun watercolor painting this way and here they are with their paintings.

 photo IMG_4309_zpsw6gzfk5p.jpg
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I was going through my little demos that I gave for one my watercolor classes and found this little gem. I liked it enough to post here...

 photo DSCN0341_zpsibkksdzv.jpg

I matted it and thought it would make a nice painting to hang in a kitchen.
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The first week we worked on another way of creating color wheels, to refresh ourselves with the colors we would be using this series. We were then ready to start our seashell project.

I was fortunate enough to collect a nice array of seashells here at our beaches. Everyone was able to pick some shells from my collection and make a small still life to work from. My favorite is the conch shell and I painted one as an example of what they could watercolor.

 photo DSCN0336_zpsnldet8iv.jpg

I was able to give everyone help and suggestions, but I was really pleased with the wonderful paintings they created.

 photo IMG_4305_zpsqr4p8g4h.jpg
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Mid March I start a new series of watercolor classes. I've put off thinking about it because I have a lot of time to plan it, right? Well February is racing by and I still haven't got a clue as to what to teach. Plus I have a full class of eight students, most of who have been in my classes before. I needed something new.

The other day I was on Facebook and there were a lot of pictures of sea shells....I have baskets full of shells and pebbles from my walks at Slaughter Beach. I set up a little still life and this is what I painted.

 photo DSCN0272_zpsbdzzrjky.jpg

I know this will be a fun project for my first class.

Did another painting later on, but did it in a different style.

 photo DSCN0316_zpsgxwmqmmt.jpg
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I was experimenting with color and created an abstract painting. I used various techniques such as rubbing alcohol, stencils, etc., and I was happy with the outcome.

Looking at it the next day, I thought this one lent itself to collaging it with some real flowers that I dried and kept in my inventory. I was happy enough with it to put it up on Society6.

 photo DSCN0315_zps38xhtkfg.jpg
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A while back I did some experimenting with using watercolor on Yupo paper. Yupo paper has a polypropylene smooth finish and when you apply watercolor it just slides around on the surface of the paper. If you try to go over it, it lifts the paint that is already there. So you pretty much have to get it right the first time. Whereas with watercolor paper the surface is absorbent and the pigment and watercolor seeps into the paper.

It's very tricky using this paper, but the results can be fascinating and very beautiful. I painted an old tree in the forest and there were tricks I needed to master. I wasn't totally happy with it and put it aside. I came across it again while straightening my paper shelves and some ideas came to mine. I decided to work on it again. I really feel I made some vast improvements on it and may enter it into the next juried show.

 photo DSCN0275_zpsg9y7wpoe.jpg
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I was experimenting with some of my colors and then painted the face of a girl using one of my dolls as a model. I had nothing in particular in mine when I started this, but I love the way it came.

 photo DSCN0270_zpsnmp8qzvn.jpg
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I have this little 5" x 7" pad of watercolor paper that has been calling me to use it. Since I am still unable to get out of my driveway from the hugh amount of snow we got, I had time to do three paintings.

This is the first one:
 photo DSCN0213_zpsh29sxfux.jpg

This is the second one:
 photo DSCN0218_zps0etxbfbc.jpg

And this one I finished yesterday.
 photo DSCN0230_zpshtctclgg.jpg
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I have so many wonderful photos of my daughter's cat, Willow, that I was inspired to paint her again. I happily finished this painting on the first day of the new year 2016! Here she is, hiding inside "her" Thinkgeek Taun Taun sleeping bag!

 photo DSCN0208_zpsu1jgizyf.jpg

I also up loaded it on Society6 and ordered a mug from it. You can see it here:

Happy New Year everyone!
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We have a lot of beautiful holly trees in our back yard and they always inspire me to paint them. I was pleased with this new holly painting enough to put it up on Society6. I ordered a tote, clock and mug and I liked them all.

You can see them here.

 photo DSCN0142_zpsrr0rvwem.jpg


Dec. 4th, 2015 11:21 am
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Back in August of this year, I painted this watercolor of Willow from memory. I was playing with swirls of the blanet and her tail.

 photo cat in a blanketsm_zps0wsvko31.jpg

In November, Willow was sitting on a blanket in a similar pose as my painting. My daughter and I got the painting and put it behind Willow to see how good my memory was.

 photo IMG_4651_zpsfdnq3nl6.jpg

 photo IMG_4659_zpsgxpkwhgw.jpg

I couldn't help smiling when I saw the outcome!
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I bought these new sparkly ink dye pens on HSN and decided to try them to see if I liked them. I did three postcard size paintings. The sparkle doesn't show very well in photography, but I do like the mood they created being reproduced.

 photo DSCN0133_zpszvh85bj0.jpg

 photo DSCN0137_zpssv5axnfz.jpg

 photo DSCN0135_zps3c4qqmsi.jpg

However the pens sort of leaked and were kind of messy. There was almost as much color on me as on the watercolor paper. With this kind of leakage I didn't think they would last long. They were expensive and not very cost effective. I did enjoy trying them out, but I returned them.
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So today was our last class in our fall series of "Watercolor with Jean". We finished our color wheels with the complimentary colors of red and green. Then we painted our Christmas themed watercolors using those colors.

 photo IMG_4250_zpsbekmad0x.jpg

 photo IMG_4249_zpsw1kfdwp2.jpg

It was a good series and four students signed up for the spring series 2016.
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We had another wonderful class yesterday. I was teaching the contemporary colors of yellow and purple and we continued to add them to our color wheel.

I had the class close their eyes and imagine a winter landscape that I slowly described to them. Then I showed them a finished winter landscape I had imagined and painted all in yellow and purple.

 photo DSCN0062_zps63qyij5g.jpg

I started a small painting to show them where to begin. I broke the demo into parts, so first we did the sky, then background, etc.

It was so quiet in a the room, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was concentrating on their paintings. I suggested they work on a size that that would allow them to use there painting as a Christmas card. If they had computer capabilities they could print them or just use it as an original card to give to someone special.

 photo IMG_4242_zps2lox9xte.jpg

This was my finished demo.

 photo DSCN0067_zpsqtjbrljg.jpg

And here is a picture of what the class painted. Although we used the same method of painting, each painting was different, original and reflected the style of the artist.

 photo IMG_4244_zpsf9glcanv.jpg


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