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We had a good watercolor class yesterday, which ended this series. Some finished off the projects from last week and other started new ones to work on during the summer. The students have worked out a plan to practice watercolor this summer by getting together to paint.

Four students have already signed up for a series next October and others are considering it. Since we only need four to have classes, we are confirmed for next fall. Nice to have that taken care of.

I put together a collage of my group and and I feel very good about what we learned and what we accomplished.

 photo Screenshot2013-06-25at90018AM_zps0fe1da07.png
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Daffodils are such happy flowers!

I did one more Daffodil study for my first class that starts next Monday at the Mispillion Art Gallery. We will have to see what levels the students are at, since I have some new people.

I grouped some photos of Daffodils I took last spring and set it up for use with the projector and then painted the flower at different angles using the photos as reference.

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The third session was a critique of all the work the students have done so far. There were wonderful winter scenes worked on last session and over the week at home. Then I gave a demo on the next theme that was "Spring", with the aid of some photos of Iris flowers. This is the finished demo painting.


The fourth session we again had a critique, this time on spring flowers. Then as they continued to work on their paintings, I went to each student to help where it was needed.

Next week we will work on the season of summer.


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