Nov. 27th, 2013 01:42 pm
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It's been a dreary two days with rain and general overcast weather. The kind you just want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head. I decided my day needed brightening up, so I experimented with my liquid watercolor paints and just had some fun. I began mixing colors with nothing special in mind. I just wanted to see what happened if...

When it dried, I saw a landscape and played with that idea. If you look for it, there is a tree and a lush spray of color, shadow and light, painted in an abstract mood.

I hope this brightens your day as it brightened mine.

Promise photo IMG_3237_zps7eddea13.jpg

Liking it very much, I posed it on Society6.
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My husband has been talking about the idea of us getting chickens, since we live in the country now. So I got the idea to maybe give him one for Christmas.

Mr. Rooster

This one needs no care, feeding, or cleaning up. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide eggs either, which is the whole idea of it. Nevertheless he was fun to paint on new rough handmade watercolor paper. I also purchased some new colors that are vibrant and gave me something different to experiment with.
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I wanted to use pears for my subject for the watercolor class. Went to the produce section of my supermarket, but not a pear in sight! On to plan B....what plan B? Nothing looked inviting enough to paint. While heading out to the car I noticed that Ace had a bunch of Pansy plants outside. Maybe? I put the groceries in the trunk and wondered over to see the Pansies. After ten minutes of choosing plants that I though might be in bloom next week, I went home and worked on the way I would want to teach painting them.

I mentioned last lesson that we would learn or review painting textures and how they could enhance a painting. I wanted it to be a bit abstract and yet recognizable as Pansies. This is what I painted.


The one thing I love about teaching this class is that each student has his or her own style, as you can see in the photo below. It was a fun class and everyone went home with a finished or almost finished paint.

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I have a new series of classes starting in two weeks. I have been playing around with other techniques so as to have something new. I'm always looking for ways to pull another rabbit out of my hat. but first I have to make sure there are rabbits in there.

The first is a background that I had done a while ago. Just touches of red and green. I soaked the paper and crumbled it up to make creases that opened up the surface sizing. and then flattened it and dried it with a hairdryer. When it was completely dry. I saw the splotches of red as roses and began to define them. I added leaves and some blue to define them.


The next on is a landscape study. I wanted to try different methods to give the rocks and boulders texture and shadow. I sandpapered a watercolor pencil into the wet of the paper.

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I love experimenting with color and textures, so I bought some new colors. You really need to play with them and see how they mix together. Sometimes they mix well and other times they can become muddy. It depends on how many colors they used to create the mix of a color in a tube. When I saw these new colors I couldn’t resist trying them. I did a painting and I found that a good potion of my painting came pretty good, but another didn’t. So I cropped with a mat I cut and used the portion that I liked. Yes, you are allowed to do that. Every painting is a new experience and sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s how we learn. It cropped so well that I printed this painting and made some lovely magnets.

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Almost a month ago I started a large painting (22” x 30”) of some Rhododendron that are in my front yard. After photographing the flowers from many angles, I put together a nice composition of the beautiful white flowers. The lush dark green leaves made each cluster of flowers look like so many beautiful bouquets.
I took a photo every so often as I painted because I thought it would be fun to show how I progressed on this painting from start to end.





I am totally ecstatic with this finished painting.
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Have you ever read a book or series of books that the characters are so strong that you feel as if you know them? And when the story ends you feel as thought you've lost a bunch of friends? Sometimes this happens with my paintings, especially if it is a large one and you spend a lot of time on it. It's finished and you have a hard time moving on and starting another one. My Stargazer Lilies were such a painting. I felt a little down and thought will there be another one in me?

Around the time that I finished the Stargazer Lilies, I found and joined an Art Association less then ten miles from here. Very active. art shows, workshops, classes, and a gallery to sell the member's art. Oh no, there goes my retirement, if I let it!

Somehow the art group changed my attitude about my paintings. One of the reasons I felt so inspired to paint so many pictures since I moved here was that now I was painting for me. Just me! I only painted what inspired me and since I was now officially retired I would not worry about selling my work, not worry of what other artists thought of my paintings. I could experiment with different techniques and just enjoy the surprise outcome. No rules, no limitations. Each painting a new joy to relish and experience.

So I have had to try and overcome the need to sort of compete and just enjoy the positive aspects of being with other artists. There is so much to learn from others and it is much more fun then reading art books and watching a youtube demo. I signed up for a workshop and have three paintings in their current show. I have helped with the hanging of the show and done some computer work for them.

Determined to get back my mojo, I played around with some color and seemed to be going nowhere. The next day I started to see flowers in the colors that were already there. I started with one flower and then another. This is what resulted. I liked what happened and decided to post it as my next painting. It's called "Feeling Good."


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