art2love: (Default) a long while. Today I took the time and did another painting. Can you guess who it is?


I just loved this costume and I promised her I would do a painting of her. Hope she likes it!

This was from the Mad Hatter's Tea at Dress-U.
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I have been working with triads of new primary colors just to see what will happen. This time I used Perylene Red, Hansa Yellow Medium, and Colbalt Blue. Perylene Red is a much stronger and warmer color than the rose color I usually work with. I started with the flower on the left because the pattern I created in the lower left indicated that I needed a flower there. I didn't draw any flowers ahead of time and just put them in with the brush. I made two more and then added some leaves as I went along. I wasn't sure I liked the red because I'm more comfortable with the softness of the rose color. I wasn't sure I even like the painting. I left it at that, but I came back the next day and added some more background. After all what did I have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think it did come together. What do you think?

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We started a new series of "Watercolor with Jean" classes today at the Mispillion Art League and Gallery. I have nine students, two former students and seven new ones. Although they may have had some experiences with art, they were ready to begin with the color wheel, mixing watercolor, and just getting started with the basics.
After doing the color wheel, which is mixing colors on their palettes, we got to the real fun of mixing the colors on wet watercolor paper. It's always an eye opener when you twist and turn the paper and make the paint blend where you want it to. This is what makes watercolor my favorite medium, just watching the water, paint, and paper work together to create wonderful combinations of blended color.



It was a fun afternoon and I am looking forward to our next class!
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So it's nice to have a little bit of time to experiment with different techniques that I have either read about or saw somewhere and have always always wanted to try. This is one of those paintings. I didn't know it was going to be a tree, till I got well into it. As I worked this tissue technique, it was fun to just play with the colors and shapes. As I worked, suddenly I saw this tree and it's lovely branches. So I hope you enjoy seeing my tree...



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