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It's already our fourth class of the season. Since it was spring yesterday, (it's snowing as I write this), I bought to class a bouquet of daffodils from the garden to paint.

After reviewing all that we covered so far, I introduced the idea of doing a wash background first. In order to do this, we had to do our drawings of the flowers on tissue paper. It would give us an idea where our lights and darks were when we paint the wash background. I did a quick demo on how to do this.

 photo DSCN0350_zps2w3liksh.jpg

After painting our backgrounds, we transferred our drawings to watercolor paper. That was as far as most everyone got, so I didn't take pictures. Next week we will finish our paintings.

I painted some daffodils at home and brought it to class to show what a finished painting would look like.

 photo DSCN0348_zpscnhd8qwr.jpg

By the time I finished this post, the snow stopped and the sun came out!

A few days later I painted some daffodils to the background I did in class.

 photo DSCN0353_zpsceiij8n7.jpg
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I know it's only the beginning of February, but I can dream, can't I?

 photo IMG_3795_zps57476521.jpg
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This watercolor series I have two intermediate and four beginner students. It always takes the first class to see where everyone is. We worked on painting Daffodils and mixing our watercolor paints to achieve transparency. I started a demo and then worked with each student as needed.

My next class will be all about textures and how to use them to create paintings instead just copying a photograph. When I got home I finished the demo I started in class and included some textures as an example for the next class.

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Daffodils are such happy flowers!

I did one more Daffodil study for my first class that starts next Monday at the Mispillion Art Gallery. We will have to see what levels the students are at, since I have some new people.

I grouped some photos of Daffodils I took last spring and set it up for use with the projector and then painted the flower at different angles using the photos as reference.

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I decided to make daffodils the subject of the first class of the next series of "Watercolor with Jean." I have a wonderful group of photos that I took last spring and I grouped them into one photo that I can use with the projector in class. It shows the flowers in different positions so that the artist can use them as reference.

I used the same paper as I used on the Rooster to paint a bunch of daffodils as an example for the class. It's an unusual kind of paper and I may do another painting on the paper they will be using as a demo in class. Still it is always exciting to try different paper and paint colors. As in the rooster I used Schmincke Transparent Orange again and love the color and the paint brand.



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