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This was painted on mint tinted watercolor paper.
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We have had two classes in this series, and we have worked on using our watercolor brushes to their full potential. Again we practiced how water, color, and paper work together to create a pleasing painting. Our subject was the beauty of the Iris.

I used a projector with photos I took of some wonderful periwinkle color Iris. Then I gave a small lecture of how we could attempt our paintings with samples of my Iris paintings. I used this painting as a sample on our second session.

 photo IMG_2710_zps19a9698d.jpg

We all used French Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Rose and Yellow paints for our colors. Some students concentrated on doing just one flower in detail, while other did a few flowers together. The emphasis was to not control the painting so much as to let the paint and water flow on the paper. They painted wonderful Iris and I am proud of them.

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I always like to try something new, so I tried another Nujabiwc handmade paper with a smoother surface and didn't like it quite at much. Thought it would be more suitable to acrylic paint, as it didn't flow as watercolor paper should. I drew this Iris with a Chinese brush and some mixed purple and green paint, just to test out the paper.

 photo IMG_2649_zpsf203620a.jpg
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I have had to do some swapping of frames to get paintings ready for the coming shows. I often change paintings in frames because they are expensive and storage is always a problem. After removing this Iris painting from it's frame, I decided to revise it a bit before putting it in a smaller frame. I'm pleased with it and will put it in a future show.



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