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At the end of our last class of "Watercolor with Jean", I started a demo on how to paint daffodils. I didn't have time to complete it and took it home to finish. I posted it on FB and want to post it here as well.

 photo IMG_3432_zps7f341dad.jpg

Did this one later at home, just for the fun of it.

 photo IMG_3478_zps6e5e78b2.jpg
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In the last entry I talked about some produce I bought for the subject of my next class. Well we had over eight inches of snow on the Monday we were to meet and had another day off. This turned out to be a really good thing, since I felt my first effort was really too much like a photograph. I'm always saying in class "If you want it to look perfect, use a camera". Guess I have to listen to my own words!

Since for various reasons we will not have class till April, I have time to think about how I could do this painting differently. I been in a dreary state of mind from this winter and all the storms. For some reason I woke up this morning with some good ideas and felt energize today. So this is my second effort.

I think I will bring both paintings to class and use this as an example of how you can go in many directions when you watercolor paint. It also can show your moods and how you feel, can influence your art.

 photo IMG_3369_zps0d096c54.jpg
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This class learns fast and I needed to come up with another project for the next session.

I like to do a still life each series, so I went to the supermarket to find something delicious to paint. I found these tasty looking red radishes, with their leaves still attached. They were large and pretty sitting in bunches on the counter. I picked out a nice bunch and looked for something to go with them. I was lucky today, as the produce was lovely, and I found a beautiful head of romaine lettuce. So it looked like I was getting ready for a salad and found a nice red tomato. I needed something that was a different color and that would be fun to paint. Ah... a nice onion! I took them all home and made an arrangement to photograph. With a large class, in the space we work in, it is not possible to paint it live, so photography is my next best bet. Just as well too, since my classes have been postponed for illness (mine), and snow, lots of snow. I have long since eaten my still life.

The next thing to do was to watercolor paint it. I never give a project I haven't done myself. So yesterday, I finished my painting and was ready for today's class. Alas, you guessed it. It snowed again and is still snowing now. Classes will be postponed till April, for a bunch of other reasons.

I do want to post this painting here and then when we resume classes, I will post their paintings as well.

 photo IMG_3357_zps09b04093.jpg
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Working on some new ideas for my next class. I think I will have to divide the class, because some just continue a project from class to class, while others work at home and want to try something new each week. So the new will be a landscape with pine trees. Worked on this one at home and will see where the class leads me from here.

 photo trees_zps61cc8bea.jpg

This is a painting that I started as a demo in class and finished at home.

 photo IMG_3359_zps705c334f.jpg
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I was looking for the start of a new project for my next watercolor class and I decided to do a flower. Looking over my archive of flowers, I decided to do another painting of Calla Lilies. There is so much to teach while painting these beautiful flowers. In order to teach it, I had to do a painting myself, so it would give me directions in my teaching.

I love painting these wonderful white flowers with their broad, fond green leaves, and am enthralled with their beauty.

 photo IMG_3555_zpsc15dfd3b.jpg
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A photographer friend posted a photo she took. She put the call out to anyone who wished to paint it. It had a lovely sky and I thought it would be a good example for my next class.

 photo IMG_3290_zps4f74f72b.jpg
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I just learned I will have four new students in my next class for a total of eight. I had planned to teach painting skies for my first class of the next season. I have been experimenting with a few paintings as examples and this is one of them.

sky photo IMAG0002_zps0fd64662.jpg

It's always interesting when you have no idea who the new students are and how much they know about watercolor. You have to be able to teach at all levels and it's always a challenge.


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