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All went well and to my delight it is a smaller class this semester. It's so much easier to give individual time to each student. I have decided based on the first class that they are not beginners, so I can do a demo based on a theme and then have them do their own painting. The theme will be snow.

I always do a painting at home before I do a demo and this is the one I have done. I'm quite pleased with it.

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And to think that Al wanted to get rid of all our snow equipment! But the movers were too quick for us and packed it all before we could decide. That was a blessing! And a good thing all our camping equipment and experience came with us too, because were were without power from Friday night till Sunday night.
Since we are rural, that meant no heat, no water (electric power pump from our well), sump pumps in the basement, and all the other lovely things that comes with electricity. Two of the wonderful things that came with this house was a propane heater and stove top. Luckily we found a can of matches that came with us too. Al had a small emergency battery that let us light the small heater's pilot light and we had heat in the dining area of the kitchen. Candles were used to light the stove. We melted snow in pots for water, boiled it and stored it in our camping jugs. I had a loads of food in the freezer and when the frig wasn't producing anymore we put it in pails outside on the screened in porch. In the teens out there. All food got heated in one large frying pan that had a teflon finish and made it easy to clean. Made wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches.
We listened to our local radio station on our battery packed radio and tried not to think about how much snow was falling. It amounted to over two feet and luckily our neighbor plowed one side of the driveway up to our garage. We had a large limb dome down just feet from our Saturn and it's so heavy and embedded in the snow that we will have to cut it up if we are going to move it.
But on top of everything else, we are expected to have more snow tomorrow and Thursday! The roads are really bad since the story goes that we only get something like this every ten or twenty years. The farmers cleared a lot of the small side roads and helped where they could to get the crews out where the power was out. They worked hard and kept us informed via a the radio.
So another exciting adventure for us and I feel like we did very well.

It was cold in the studio so I put on my coat and started to paint another snow scene. This one had a little more wishful thinking in it since I put some sun in it. Just the opposite of what was going on out there.


Jan. 24th, 2010 08:59 pm
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I finally got the third frame via UPS and was able to finalize the Stargazer Lilies. Turns out the warehouse got a bad batch of frames and this time they checked the frame they sent. I thought I would post a pix of my painting here.

This Saturday, I went to an all day workshop given by a local artist, Dorothy Harrison Braun at the Mispillion Art League Gallery. We were to bring our own photos of snow scenes as that would be the subject of this intermediate/advanced watercolor workshop. It was a fun day and there were about nine of us watching her demo and then painting our own snow scenes.

I knew that snow would be the subject ahead of time so, I took the pictures of the the farm across the way and the back yard during the last snow storm. Printed them out and I was set to go. I wasn't able to finish the painting, but Dorothy gave a critique of everyone's work and she was encouraging with mine. I'm not a cold weather person and seldom paint snow. I was able to finish it today and I think I am quite satisfied with this painting.


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