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This was done without drawing anything first. I took a brush and put pink where I wanted flowers and green where I wanted leaves. Then I loosely painted in the flowers, working brushstrokes of color around them to help them become one with the background. Fun working on this one because I was free to just feel the painting as I worked and allow the medium lead me.

 photo stargazer lilies loose_zpsrr3bsfhm.jpg
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After a mix up with my last post, I'm posting this. These are the Stargazer Lilies that I put up at Society6.

I did buy myself the pillow because it look so good to me and they are offering free shipping today.

 photo 5159681_5171514-plwfr2_l_zpsdaca0e88.jpg
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During the last post I said I would have to paint this wonderful bloom in my garden. Feeling the mood to paint, I used the photos I just took and got to work. I was so inspired that I spent all of yesterday afternoon happily painting this.


Feeling very good about the outcome, I just had to post it here.
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I couldn't resist taking these pictures and had some fun in my garden today.
First I went out to pick this lovely strawberry and decided to photograph it first. It was small and only one, but oh so sweet and juicy to eat.


As I was taking a picture of the berry I caught movement with the corner of my eye. This little fellow, and I mean little, jumped all over the garden as I followed him with my camera.


A year an a half ago I planted this bulb and nothing happened! I was pretty sad since I love this flower. Then I just forgot about it. Well this summer it surprised me by growing into these lovely blooms. Majestic flower! I must plant more and I must paint them too.



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