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A while back I did some experimenting with using watercolor on Yupo paper. Yupo paper has a polypropylene smooth finish and when you apply watercolor it just slides around on the surface of the paper. If you try to go over it, it lifts the paint that is already there. So you pretty much have to get it right the first time. Whereas with watercolor paper the surface is absorbent and the pigment and watercolor seeps into the paper.

It's very tricky using this paper, but the results can be fascinating and very beautiful. I painted an old tree in the forest and there were tricks I needed to master. I wasn't totally happy with it and put it aside. I came across it again while straightening my paper shelves and some ideas came to mine. I decided to work on it again. I really feel I made some vast improvements on it and may enter it into the next juried show.

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Jan. 26th, 2013 01:03 pm
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This is a small quickie painting of some trees I did before in the season of summer. This time I did them in autumn. Again I was experimenting with my new colors and just having some fun.

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Since the trees outside my window are bare, I decided to give mine plenty of summer foliage and maybe a feeling of a nice summer day.
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I started this one in class and finished it at home. Happy with how it turned out and will exhibit it in the Holiday show at the Mispillion Art League next week.

Happy to say this painting sold on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
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Due to hurricane Sandy our last class was postponed for a week. We did get together yesterday and it was a nice sunny day. I put a photo of some trees in the woods that had had some flooding from a storm, on the projector screen. I asked each student to use that photo for reference only. The sun shinning on the trees made them almost white, so we used masking tape to mask out the trees. I asked the students to pick a season, suggesting the colors that would reflect the time of the year they could choose. We proceeded to do the sky and around the trees, creating shadows as we painted. Later we removed the tape and painted in the trees.

I also painted a demo to show them my version in the fall season.


As you can see they chose different seasons and created lovely original paintings of their own.


One of my students baked some delicious brownies and we had a lovely sweets break to end the classes.
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I love doing paintings that draw you into a place in time. I think this one accomplishes that.


What do you think?


Jan. 1st, 2011 12:41 pm
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The season has changed again and colors have turned from the bright oranges, golds and reds of fall to the darker more somber colors of winter. It seems every time I look out my windows I see something different. It’s not only the seasons, but the times of the day. Winter has made the days shorter and the angle of the sun different as well. I am so entranced with the light and colors that I have to try to copy nature again and again. But she is so much better at it then me. Still I can’t help trying.


Little did I know that within a week, this would all be covered in a white blanket of snow. I just can't keep up with Mother Nature.

Monday we hang a new show at the Gallery and I will show this new painting. I also have three other winter paintings at the Abbotts Grill Restaurant for there new winter show. In a little over a week I will start teaching a six week watercolor class at the Gallery as well. Looks like a busy start to 2011. Happy New Year!
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The sun is melting the snow and it is just beautiful out today. I just can't wait for spring! Heard there may be some more snow tomorrow, but we are not suppose to get more than an inch. Famous last words.
So I have spent my time watching the Olympics and working on another painting inspired by a pix I took this winter before the snows. It is of the woods at the back of the property near the tax ditch. Very pretty there even in winter.

back woods

There were pools of water here and there from all the rains we have had this year and there are reflections of the trees in them. Behind the trees is the tax ditch and on the other side are bunch of pines that make a lovely backdrop for the woods. It's pretty back there every season and in the summer there are all kinds of wild flowers growing there.

Did I mention I am not a snow person?


Jan. 24th, 2010 08:59 pm
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I finally got the third frame via UPS and was able to finalize the Stargazer Lilies. Turns out the warehouse got a bad batch of frames and this time they checked the frame they sent. I thought I would post a pix of my painting here.

This Saturday, I went to an all day workshop given by a local artist, Dorothy Harrison Braun at the Mispillion Art League Gallery. We were to bring our own photos of snow scenes as that would be the subject of this intermediate/advanced watercolor workshop. It was a fun day and there were about nine of us watching her demo and then painting our own snow scenes.

I knew that snow would be the subject ahead of time so, I took the pictures of the the farm across the way and the back yard during the last snow storm. Printed them out and I was set to go. I wasn't able to finish the painting, but Dorothy gave a critique of everyone's work and she was encouraging with mine. I'm not a cold weather person and seldom paint snow. I was able to finish it today and I think I am quite satisfied with this painting.

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I have started this LJ to talk about and show new paintings as I do them. If you found this site from my website you will see some of my work and a little bit about me. Since I don't know HTML, I have to rely on my webmaster to add or change the paintings and info. We thought it would be a good thing to be able to to show my newest work and talk about it here.

I have been doing watercolor in a new way with leanings toward a more abstract way of seeing things. My work has always been realistic in interpretation and I decided I would like to explore the use of color and shapes and still have an obvious subject in the painting. This first one started as watercolor and it took me on a journey that begged for collage as well. I call it Queen Anne Garden.

It is so lovey to just follow where ever the colors and shapes lead me. Then to see what longs to grow in that color and shape. Here it was a single rose.

This painting began with a sunrise, that called for hill sides and valleys to be lighted and shaded by it. A pine forest was added and it became a very quiet and comfortable place to be.

So I hope you will enjoy this journey of painting with me.


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