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This class learns fast and I needed to come up with another project for the next session.

I like to do a still life each series, so I went to the supermarket to find something delicious to paint. I found these tasty looking red radishes, with their leaves still attached. They were large and pretty sitting in bunches on the counter. I picked out a nice bunch and looked for something to go with them. I was lucky today, as the produce was lovely, and I found a beautiful head of romaine lettuce. So it looked like I was getting ready for a salad and found a nice red tomato. I needed something that was a different color and that would be fun to paint. Ah... a nice onion! I took them all home and made an arrangement to photograph. With a large class, in the space we work in, it is not possible to paint it live, so photography is my next best bet. Just as well too, since my classes have been postponed for illness (mine), and snow, lots of snow. I have long since eaten my still life.

The next thing to do was to watercolor paint it. I never give a project I haven't done myself. So yesterday, I finished my painting and was ready for today's class. Alas, you guessed it. It snowed again and is still snowing now. Classes will be postponed till April, for a bunch of other reasons.

I do want to post this painting here and then when we resume classes, I will post their paintings as well.

 photo IMG_3357_zps09b04093.jpg
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This week my watercolor class had only one she got a private lesson. Everyone was either out sick or had appointments that needed to be done that day. The question came up about doing a sky in watercolor. I wanted to do something different and decided to do this one. For something impromptu I was happy with how it came, so I am posting it here.

 photo IMG_3126_zps56853731.jpg
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I believe this was from the class that we painted the pansies. I finished it later at home and forgot to post it here.
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I have decided to make the seasons of the year to be the themes of this series of classes.

The first season we worked on last week was "Winter". At the beginning of the class I gave a demo of painting of a winter scene. There were no photos of this scene and it really was produced from my memories of snow, winter and how it made me feel.

The reason for this is that we tend to try and paint like a camera. My point being that if you want something exact as nature has made it, then do photograph it, but if you experiment with our watercolor paints mixed with water and watercolor paper you can create your own ideas of what winter is to you, the artist. Hopefully the viewer will enjoy those impressions as well as the artist did in painting it.


Tomorrow we will work on the season of spring. By painting spring hopefully it will bring the season to me sooner.
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In a few weeks I have a new series of watercolor class scheduled and so far I have three students signed up - all new. It is always hard to plan these classes till I find out whether they are brand new to watercolor or have some previous experience. The class is for all levels and it’s always fun to come together, experience the relaxation of watercolor painting, and enjoy our creative self.



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