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I started a new series of watercolor classes. It's been months since my last series so I started with a review of the color wheel and again mixing colors from the three primary colors. For some students it was new, so we spent a little more time on it.

I picked three peppers from my one plant in my small garden. They turned interesting shades of red, orange and green, so I photographed them with some nice lighting to create interesting shadows. They became the focus of our first project. I did a example at home...

 photo DSCN0690_zpse5pzow0d.jpg

and then a demo in class...

 photo DSCN0699_zpswe2sz6ci.jpg

The students then created their own paintings of our peppers...

 photo IMG_4406_zpsglukxh94.jpg

 photo IMG_4416_zps6whbdxt0.jpg

All in all it's been fun classes.
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Mid March I start a new series of watercolor classes. I've put off thinking about it because I have a lot of time to plan it, right? Well February is racing by and I still haven't got a clue as to what to teach. Plus I have a full class of eight students, most of who have been in my classes before. I needed something new.

The other day I was on Facebook and there were a lot of pictures of sea shells....I have baskets full of shells and pebbles from my walks at Slaughter Beach. I set up a little still life and this is what I painted.

 photo DSCN0272_zpsbdzzrjky.jpg

I know this will be a fun project for my first class.

Did another painting later on, but did it in a different style.

 photo DSCN0316_zpsgxwmqmmt.jpg
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So today was our last class in our fall series of "Watercolor with Jean". We finished our color wheels with the complimentary colors of red and green. Then we painted our Christmas themed watercolors using those colors.

 photo IMG_4250_zpsbekmad0x.jpg

 photo IMG_4249_zpsw1kfdwp2.jpg

It was a good series and four students signed up for the spring series 2016.
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I bought a bouquet of roses at the supermarket that had these beautiful touches of red and green to them. The more I looked at them, the more I wanted to paint them. I thought they would make a wonderful example, since I had been working on using complementary colors to teach in class.

 photo Arose_zpscb9882ac.jpg
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The first week of my classes, we worked on a color wheel with the three prime colors of red, yellow and blue. We also included secondary colors of orange, green and purple, then mixed those to create complementary colors. The purpose of this is to become familiar with their brand of colors and learn to work with them. Not all ultramarine blues are the same from brand to brand.

We then took our primary colors and practiced letting the colors mix together on wet watercolor paper. With real leaves that I collected from the garden, we stamped with our primary colors on the leaves to the paper. I then showed them how to bring the leaves to life.

 photo IMAG0001_zps7fe26f44.jpg

The next classes we will work in complementary colors, so I have done a series of paintings to demonstrate each pairing. Each painting in done in just the two complementary colors.

The first one is orange and blue.

 photo IMAG0002_zpsbe680ba1.jpg

The second is red and green.

 photo IMAG0001_zps73e2332d.jpg

The last is yellow and purple.

 photo IMAG0003_zpsd565f80b.jpg

On my next class I will bring in some pumpkins and we will start with with orange and blue.


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