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I bought these new sparkly ink dye pens on HSN and decided to try them to see if I liked them. I did three postcard size paintings. The sparkle doesn't show very well in photography, but I do like the mood they created being reproduced.

 photo DSCN0133_zpszvh85bj0.jpg

 photo DSCN0137_zpssv5axnfz.jpg

 photo DSCN0135_zps3c4qqmsi.jpg

However the pens sort of leaked and were kind of messy. There was almost as much color on me as on the watercolor paper. With this kind of leakage I didn't think they would last long. They were expensive and not very cost effective. I did enjoy trying them out, but I returned them.
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A friend of mine owns a Gallery right nearby in Milford. She got this cute little kitten to keep her company in her store. I was so taken with this kitty, that I promised myself I would watercolor her. So here she is.

 photo pussycat 1_zpsjximkbnq.jpg
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This was done without drawing anything first. I took a brush and put pink where I wanted flowers and green where I wanted leaves. Then I loosely painted in the flowers, working brushstrokes of color around them to help them become one with the background. Fun working on this one because I was free to just feel the painting as I worked and allow the medium lead me.

 photo stargazer lilies loose_zpsrr3bsfhm.jpg
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I love watching birds this time of the year. A friend of mine has a feeder right outside of her kitchen window, and while visiting her, I couldn't help but watch the birds enjoying their feast of seeds. It inspired me to sketch and paint a little post card size bird. I choose a blue bird because I love their colors.

 photo blue bir sm_zpsq7ggcfzc.jpg
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I found this tinted watercolor paper in my stash and have been using it to do some small floral paintings. These are Stargazer Lilies painted on a blush tinted paper.

 photo stargazer lilies sm_zpsqbtjfzix.jpg
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 photo IMG_3962_zpsbdlwfup2.jpg

This was painted on mint tinted watercolor paper.
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Tulips again!

 photo IMG_3905_zpssfjxb7y9.jpg
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Mispillion Art League has opened it's annual MEMBERS SPRING SHOW "Awakenings" (Juried & Judged by Dr. Roberta Tucci). The gallery is located at 5 North Walnut Street, Milford, DE 19963,
Show Dates: April 14th thru May 30th and our opening reception will be held April 17th.
I am happy to announce that I received an honorable mention ribbon for this painting.

 photo IMAG0002_zps164513bd.jpg
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 photo IMG_3755_zps9617f25e.jpg


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