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I worked on some paintings either as a demo or just for fun. I will post them here.





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Just one more class next week for my "Watercolor with Jean" fall series and my students have finished the paintings they were working on. It was really fun to teach intermediate painters this series. I think we both learned and experienced how interesting and beautiful using watercolor as a media can be. Here are some photos from my class.




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This fall I started a new series of watercolor classes and I have a small class of four students. I did a review of watercolor as thought everyone was a beginner. Three of the students are really intermediate and the fourth hurt her hand and is unable to continue classes. So far the classes have been fun. We all worked on fall leaf painting to get our energy going and put our selves in the mood. I did one painting at home and one painting I demoed in class.



These are the paintings my students worked on in class.


Since each student is intermediate, they are all working on on different subjects. It is better to paint that which you are inspired by. As they finish their work I will try to post photos.
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Due to changes in where I keep my photos for posting, I've decided to wait and see what I wanted to do about it. With the changes I made, I am now ready to get back to recording my journey in watercolor.

We had another judged show at the Mispillion Art League and Gallery. I was very happy to receive an honorable mention for my Orchid painting.


These are two other paintings in the same show.


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We had our sixth and last watercolor class this week for this spring 2017 series of "Watercolor with Jean". I spent a good deal of time demonstrating how to paint Morning Glory flowers to the class. It was a fun painting to do. This is the finished painting.


This is another demo I did in the fifth class.


These are paintings the student worked on and finished in class.


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.54.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.57.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.57.26 PM
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Did four little paintings a while ago and forgot to post them. So here they are!




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 photo DSCN0799_zpsdqgnoeq3.jpg
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Our spring series of "Watercolor with Jean" started out with the inspiration of tulips. I love their shapes and colors. I enjoyed painting my interpretation of them just before classes began.



My first class, I shared my my enthusiasm for these flowers and gave the class a demo on where to begin. This is the finished demo from class.

These are the the beginning and finished tulip paintings of my students.


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Using purples, blues and greens, I was inspired by my orchid plants to paint this for the next juried and judged show at the Mispillion Art Gallery.

 photo DSCN0776_zpspjgfs5s1.jpg

Now i need to come up with a good name for it.
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Entered this painting in the spring judged/juried show at Mispillion Art League and Gallery and won an honorable mention ribbon.

20170506_141515 copy

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It's been a while since I posted, but I have been working on other projects. I saw this photo and I was inspired to paint it.

I've always loved the art deco period both in fashion and in jewelry. It was the desire to be happy and glamorous and it showed in both its colors and bling.


I am pleased with its outcome and will use copies in other projects.
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Another fun watercolor class last week. We worked on some fall leaf paintings. I did a painting at home as an example and then did a demo at class.

At home.

 photo DSCN0725_zpszsskhxyz.jpg

Demo at class.

 photo DSCN0726_zpsg9t6l6rg.jpg

I was able to photograph three student's paintings and then the battery on my camera died, so I will just post them.

 photo IMG_4431_zpsh9wchq6i.jpg

 photo IMG_4430_zps4jh6femd.jpg

 photo IMG_4429_zpsg9cyquna.jpg

One more class next week and then this series is complete.
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Our next project also used mixing the three primary colors and then painting a Pansy. I did the first example at home...

 photo DSCN0686_zpsysleiwfn.jpg

Then did a demo in class...

 photo DSCN0704_zps7ghpt2fp.jpg

Again the class made their own Pansies.

 photo IMG_4417_zpsemesohr0.jpg
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I started a new series of watercolor classes. It's been months since my last series so I started with a review of the color wheel and again mixing colors from the three primary colors. For some students it was new, so we spent a little more time on it.

I picked three peppers from my one plant in my small garden. They turned interesting shades of red, orange and green, so I photographed them with some nice lighting to create interesting shadows. They became the focus of our first project. I did a example at home...

 photo DSCN0690_zpse5pzow0d.jpg

and then a demo in class...

 photo DSCN0699_zpswe2sz6ci.jpg

The students then created their own paintings of our peppers...

 photo IMG_4406_zpsglukxh94.jpg

 photo IMG_4416_zps6whbdxt0.jpg

All in all it's been fun classes.
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Just a play with color and how it can create the mood of the painting.

 photo DSCN0610_zps2ckbvgbc.jpg
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Trying to work out some ideas for my upcoming October watercolor class. Hard to do when you don't know who will be in your class and what level they are at. Usually it's mixed.

 photo DSCN0579_zpsv6cc9znk.jpg
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 photo DSCN0572_zpsqf4qozhk.jpg
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Experimenting with color and ideas with some new paintings. Mostly just having some fun!

 photo DSCN0526_zps5jinamih.jpg

 photo DSCN0527_zpsceepl9rr.jpg


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