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Our spring series of "Watercolor with Jean" started out with the inspiration of tulips. I love their shapes and colors. I enjoyed painting my interpretation of them just before classes began.

 photo DSCN0795_zpslhamkmn9.jpg

My first class, I shared my my enthusiasm for these flowers and gave the class a demo on where to begin. This is the finished demo from class.

 photo DSCN0797_zpsfuaolewf.jpg

These are the the beginning and finished tulip paintings of my students.

 photo IMG_4612_zps2ylg8akm.jpg

 photo IMG_4614_zpsiwryi9ei.jpg
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Tulips again!

 photo IMG_3905_zpssfjxb7y9.jpg
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Since most of my students in my water class elected to paint tulips, I got the urge to paint them myself when I got home. This time I decided to use a hot press paper and play with another technique that I felt went with the composition and feeling I wanted to accomplish.


I am quite happy with this one!
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So we had our first class in a new series of "Watercolor with Jean". I have five students signed up, but only three came to the class. I did a demo and then worked with each student. As you can see by the photo, each person had her own style and painted some very pretty tulips.

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Our last class went very well with some students finishing their apple paintings while others finishied work they started in class, but never finished. I was able to work with each student and did a small "how to" demo, painting white flowers.

I did work on an apple as well and I posted it here for future reference.

aplle on towel

Now that classes are over till the fall, the Outdoor Show finished, and the Spring Show at the Gallery is hung, I finally have a little time for to myself to do some painting. When I was looking through paintings to select for the Spring Show, I found this tulip painting that I was never quite happy with. I unframed it and decided to work on it some more. I am now much happier with the way I revised it and plan to submit it to the Fall Show.



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