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Did four little paintings a while ago and forgot to post them. So here they are!




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Using purples, blues and greens, I was inspired by my orchid plants to paint this for the next juried and judged show at the Mispillion Art Gallery.

 photo DSCN0776_zpspjgfs5s1.jpg

Now i need to come up with a good name for it.
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This just another little experiment with mixed media. I love seeing what will happen if I try different ways of changing up my watercolor painting.

 photo DSCN0496_zps5ryuqm5b.jpg
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Doing a little experimentation with making flowers appear to be 3-D.

I tried it first with just one flower.

 photo DSCN0459_zpslnelw5q3.jpg

Then I did a complete painting this way.

 photo DSCN0481_zpsgzvwgomq.jpg

Very pleased with the outcome.
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The first week we worked on another way of creating color wheels, to refresh ourselves with the colors we would be using this series. We were then ready to start our seashell project.

I was fortunate enough to collect a nice array of seashells here at our beaches. Everyone was able to pick some shells from my collection and make a small still life to work from. My favorite is the conch shell and I painted one as an example of what they could watercolor.

 photo DSCN0336_zpsnldet8iv.jpg

I was able to give everyone help and suggestions, but I was really pleased with the wonderful paintings they created.

 photo IMG_4305_zpsqr4p8g4h.jpg
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I was experimenting with color and created an abstract painting. I used various techniques such as rubbing alcohol, stencils, etc., and I was happy with the outcome.

Looking at it the next day, I thought this one lent itself to collaging it with some real flowers that I dried and kept in my inventory. I was happy enough with it to put it up on Society6.

 photo DSCN0315_zps38xhtkfg.jpg
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We have a lot of beautiful holly trees in our back yard and they always inspire me to paint them. I was pleased with this new holly painting enough to put it up on Society6. I ordered a tote, clock and mug and I liked them all.

You can see them here.

 photo DSCN0142_zpsrr0rvwem.jpg
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A friend of mine owns a Gallery right nearby in Milford. She got this cute little kitten to keep her company in her store. I was so taken with this kitty, that I promised myself I would watercolor her. So here she is.

 photo pussycat 1_zpsjximkbnq.jpg


Jul. 20th, 2015 09:57 am
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We had friends visit last week and one was interested in taking watercolor lessons when she returned home. Since I taught watercolor here, I gave her her first lesson and did a quick demo. Later I finished the painting.

 photo daisy_zpsd23yjox6.jpg

I then decided it made a nice icon when I cropped it like this.

 photo daisy sq_zps1qf3yebm.jpg

I used this as a profile picture on FB and it was really liked.
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I love watching birds this time of the year. A friend of mine has a feeder right outside of her kitchen window, and while visiting her, I couldn't help but watch the birds enjoying their feast of seeds. It inspired me to sketch and paint a little post card size bird. I choose a blue bird because I love their colors.

 photo blue bir sm_zpsq7ggcfzc.jpg
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Mispillion Art League has opened it's annual MEMBERS SPRING SHOW "Awakenings" (Juried & Judged by Dr. Roberta Tucci). The gallery is located at 5 North Walnut Street, Milford, DE 19963,
Show Dates: April 14th thru May 30th and our opening reception will be held April 17th.
I am happy to announce that I received an honorable mention ribbon for this painting.

 photo IMAG0002_zps164513bd.jpg
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I have been encouraged by my daughter to update and reprint my book, "My Costume Journal", and include all my newest watercolor sketches. Some of you already have my first edition and will recognize the cover.

 photo costumejournal_zpsxu67j2wl.jpg

It is now finished and can also be purchased at  (not autographed).

This book is also an add-on when you donate to our Kickstarter of "Pride and Prejudice Illustrated", where I have watercolor painted the front and back cover of their new book. It can be purchased there (autographed) for $35.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.27.11 PM_zps4ytlgs6k.png

I have added ten new pages. I'm posting today to give a sneak peek of a new watercolor sketch of one of our lovely ladies dressed up for the Française Dinner.

 photo IMG_3884_zps3ia0j0d1.jpg

I'm so inspired by the creation and artistry of these wonderful period costumes and enjoy painting them.
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I have been asked to watercolor illustrations for a new book called Pride and Prejudice Illustrated. My art is on the front and back cover and the interior was illustrated by Janet Lee. It went public as a Kickstarter March 29th at midnight. I hope you will took a look at this and help back it's publication. This is the link, please take a look.

This is a peek at my illustrations.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.27.11 PM_zpsngmqq6cm.png

I am also in the process of re-printing My Costume Booklet in which I will include all the new illustrations I have done so far. It's still in the draft stage, but I will post when it becomes available. You will also be able to get it on the Kickstarter.
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I know it's only the beginning of February, but I can dream, can't I?

 photo IMG_3795_zps57476521.jpg
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 photo IMG_3755_zps9617f25e.jpg


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